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Insane Reload

Guild Information

The guild was founded on MegaTibia on Dec 02 2016.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Commander Dankiver (Chart Lover) Elder Druid 238 online
Jort Druid Elder Druid 185 offline
Old Gaveto Rox Elite Knight 179 offline
Perseo (Sonora Yaqui) Elder Druid 222 offline
Wack Elite Knight 299 online
Xixo Elite Knight 179 offline
Second Voice Novatoz Again Elder Druid 149 offline
Xeex Elder Druid 214 offline
The-Lacras Apolo (Elder Assassin) Elder Druid 197 offline
Bourne Elder Druid 221 offline
Chileizkov Sorcerer 107 offline
Cisco Sadness Master Sorcerer 143 offline
Criisppy Master Sorcerer 181 offline
Diogenes Reload Elder Druid 112 offline
Eatron (Bloquer Fumon) Elite Knight 207 offline
Ek Malditoo Elite Knight 223 offline
Elite Xirox Elite Knight 168 offline
Fiwax Royal Paladin 154 offline
Gocho Elder Druid 104 offline
Gracias Elder Druid 181 offline
Hurleys Master Sorcerer 167 offline
Illusion Elder Druid 127 offline
Infinite Love Master Sorcerer 127 offline
Juancho Master Sorcerer 206 offline
Kiss Elite Knight 191 offline
Knight Time Elite Knight 202 offline
Kodex Sorcerer 200 offline
Konshes Elite Knight 177 offline
Kuley Royal Paladin 141 offline
Lester (Druid Fumon) Elder Druid 183 offline
Luis Fast Hands Elder Druid 181 offline
Master Know Elder Druid 121 offline
Megakila (Royal Assassin) Royal Paladin 203 offline
Megazzor Elite Knight 233 offline
Midas Elder Druid 134 offline
Myth Elite Knight 196 offline
Natureparalyze (Elder Assassin) Elder Druid 205 offline
Nolra Cyro Elite Knight 247 offline
Old Sensei (Royal Assassin) Royal Paladin 263 offline
Ozus Astor Royal Paladin 102 offline
Pelo Elder Druid 122 offline
Rickk Elder Druid 190 offline
Rvssiian Royal Paladin 191 offline
Silence Elite Knight 213 offline
Sir Deske Elder Druid 185 offline
Sir Deske Rlx (Gocho en Pinta) Elite Knight 184 offline
Sir Masacres Elder Druid 181 offline
Suahuasua Master Sorcerer 239 offline
Supply Elder Druid 144 offline
Suuflly Mc Elder Druid 150 offline
Tag Heuer Master Sorcerer 147 offline
Vito (No tengo papel higienico) Elder Druid 203 offline
Wizard Red Master Sorcerer 188 offline
Xirox Mague Elder Druid 183 offline
Zukuyomy Royal Paladin 116 offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1 . Moonstrao Level: (341)
2 . Guii Ekzor Sucesso Level: (341)
3 . Omnia Vincit Level: (333)
4 . Magic Blocker Level: (324)
5 . General Mr Thomson Level: (323)