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Invictus Isback

Guild Information
Fight For The Kingdom Bound For Glory.-

Chile Pvp.-

The guild was founded on BattleFull on Sep 08 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Commander Manowarz (Hombre De Guerra) Elite Knight 300 offline
Rafahel Elite Knight 302 offline
High King Alejandro Griffin Elder Druid 504 offline
Anderson Bastidas Elder Druid 301 offline
Astraklipousky Elder Druid 354 offline
Brigido (John john) Elder Druid 342 offline
Diavoley (Killer Instinct) Elder Druid 358 offline
Dwayne Screen (Old Invictus) Elder Druid 308 offline
Ekoz Like (Conchetumare CL) Elder Druid 302 offline
Fakzoe Highclass (TheHighClass) Royal Paladin 503 offline
Leonardo Di Caprio Elder Druid 392 offline
Livro De Historia Master Sorcerer 375 offline
Pascal Siakam Elder Druid 305 offline
Porkysitu Elder Druid 318 offline
Ravage Elder Druid 340 online
Sheox (I Love You Baby) Master Sorcerer 305 offline
Shiperzin Elder Druid 361 offline
Average King Astritok Elder Druid 298 offline
Cotta (CD OBREGON SONORA) Elder Druid 257 offline
Don Goonz Elder Druid 249 offline
Eawkz (EAWKZ) Elder Druid 251 offline
Gregrezerah (Vttecckkk boom muahahaha kkkk) Elder Druid 284 offline
Halsey Flip Royal Paladin 299 offline
Healing Dutchman Elder Druid 266 offline
Maitzk Elder Druid 283 offline
Musk The Imperor (Lk Linkz Again) Elder Druid 267 offline
Najipej Enfw Elder Druid 254 offline
Off Road Elder Druid 254 offline
Omnisayko Elder Druid 254 offline
Pedrao Drakinal Elder Druid 252 offline
Royze Elder Druid 265 offline
Skrey Rush (RUsh) Elder Druid 273 offline
Low King Alesky Druid 191 offline
Gooteo Elder Druid 240 offline
Isg Seiya (RulZ) Elder Druid 233 offline
Miguel Aka Pvp Elder Druid 224 offline
Ozzi Warmode Elder Druid 235 offline
Pipito Bolado (DEUSZ 2o19) Elder Druid 236 offline
Sdzeiro Rushador (visO) Elder Druid 247 offline
Viejo Pascuero Elder Druid 236 offline
Wiwii Rush (Wiwii Ru$her) Elder Druid 238 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Dodo Ed Nov 24 2019
Ser Mardito Dec 18 2019

Warrior Active Players
Top Experience
1- Macumbeiro
1Level. 740 # ED
2- Elder Bronkz
Level. 715 # ED
3- Elite Bronkz
Level. 702 # EK
4- Master Bronkz
Level. 701 # MS
5- Royal Bronkz
Level. 692 # RP

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