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Character Information
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the FULL DOMINADOO
Last login:18 November 2019, 3:43 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 3.400 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 06%
Tasks: 08%

13 Nov 2019, 14:23 Died at level 680 by juggernaut, a undead dragon, a diabolic imp, a betrayed wraith, a dark torturer and by fury.
7 Nov 2019, 23:19 Killed at level 674 by Leozinho Verycrazy, Knigtzin, Durango, Strikke Fuzileiro, Ziilt, Afther Moacy, Afther Fndoo, Pelego Imortal, Navil Northwar, Faveladao, Teteuh Veryodyado, Ser Mardito, Liloman and by War Holly.
5 Nov 2019, 20:32 Killed at level 674 by Celorma Senpai, Teteuh Veryodyado, Tres Marias, Roccat Napizgany, Loricx, Guilaa, Georges St Pierre and by defiler.
10 Oct 2019, 10:42 Killed at level 667 by Pepon Duhast and by Teteuh Veryodyado.
22 Jun 2019, 00:03 Killed at level 666 by Zajkra, Pladinbow, Romim Matamil, Lukinha Bradockk, Aragon Apollo, Ruusha No Sio, Royal Mephiir, Leozinho Verycrazy, Dhzinn Nn, Wtf Cries, Don Muerte, Invictu, Avesraras Oldtimes, Mr Froz and by Mariemi.
11 Jun 2019, 01:44 Killed at level 666 by Davizerah, Im Offline, Guilaa, Tj Dillashaaw, Tediun, Teteuh Verycrazy, Old Pogramcity, Parker Is Back, Shadowzinho, Voltormx, Sanosuke, Very Farsur, Summary, Vinicim Zika, Pires, Ziilt, Charlie Detona, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Her Oz, Gamling and by Las Noches.
11 Jun 2019, 01:35 Killed at level 666 by Her Oz, Old Pogramcity, Summary, Charlie Detona, Tj Dillashaaw, Khaleesi Targaryen, Voltormx, Galaxy Ace, Las Noches, Ziilt, Im Offline, Smek, Guilaa, Tediun, Vulgo Gilson and by Zyzzao.
11 Jun 2019, 01:17 Killed at level 667 by Im Offline, Vulgo Gilson, Charlie Detona, Tchaca Na Butchaca, Shadowzinho, Old Pogramcity, Ziilt, Smek, Voltormx, Her Oz, Tj Dillashaaw, Guilaa, Tediun, Khaleesi Targaryen, Very Farsur, Parker Is Back, Gamling, Teteuh Verycrazy, Sanosuke, Summary, Pires, Thnneo Andy, Hellblazer, Zyzzao and by Star Wollker.
11 Jun 2019, 00:56 Killed at level 667 by Tchaca Na Butchaca, Vulgo Gilson, Im Offline, Shadowzinho, Davizerah, Pires, Thnneo Andy, Hellblazer, Smek, Tj Dillashaaw, Her Oz, Charlie Detona, Teteuh Verycrazy, War Holly, Parker Is Back, Guilaa, Very Farsur, Tediun, Ziilt, Gamling and by Elder Adon.
11 Jun 2019, 00:49 Killed at level 667 by Las Noches, Old Pogramcity, Charlie Detona, Thnneo Andy, Tj Dillashaaw, Shadowzinho, , Parker Is Back, Vulgo Gilson, Voltormx, War Holly, Her Oz, Im Offline, Pires, Guilaa, Sanosuke, Tediun, Very Farsur, Teteuh Verycrazy, Ziilt, Imortal Murdakz, Smek, Galaxy Ace and by Remin.

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Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+9.872.130 (experience total)
+12.626.013 (experience total)
-9.812.654 (experience total)
+18.329.468 (experience total)
+38.485.226 (experience total)

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Top Experience
1- Macumbeiro
1704, Elder Druid
2- Gilizera
680, Elder Druid
3- Matuto
679, Elite Knight
4- Moonstrao
675, Elder Druid
5- Teteuh Verycrazy
673, Elder Druid

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