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Back Beholder
General information
Experiência: 170
Velocidade: 150
Vida: 260
Summonable: false
Convinceable: false
Armor: 15
Defense: 10

Offensive and Defensive
Name Parameters
Melee Attacks approximately every 2 seconds.
Spell Deals approximately 30 damage per turn.

Summons Voices
12% of chance to summon an Skeleton
"Eye for eye!"
"Here's looking at you!"
"Let me take a look at you!"
"You've got the look!"

Elements and Immunities
Immunities: Invisible |

Loot Information
Img Item Rarity Percent
0 - 46 Gold Coin Always 100,00%
Morning Star Rare 22,58%
Wooden Shield Ultra Rare 6,38%
Steel Shield Very Rare 11,10%
Two Handed Sword Very Rare 16,73%
Longsword Rare 26,25%
Bonelord Eye Ultra Rare 3,68%
Spellbook Very Rare 12,53%
Terra Rod Ultra Rare 0,98%
Mana Potion Ultra Rare 1,20%
Bonelord Shield Ultra Rare 0,45%
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Sheikh
1701, Elder Druid
2- Potter
669, Elite Knight
3- Gilizera
665, Elder Druid
4- Cloud Mort
663, Elite Knight
5- Rights
663, Royal Paladin

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