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Back Gang Member
General information
Experiência: 70
Velocidade: 220
Vida: 295
Summonable: true
Convinceable: false
Armor: 14
Defense: 16

Offensive and Defensive
Name Parameters
Melee Attacks approximately every 2 seconds.

Summons Voices
This monster can't summon anyone. "This is our territory!"
"Help me guys!"
"I don't like the way you look!"
"You're wearing the wrong colours!"

Elements and Immunities

Loot Information
Img Item Rarity Percent
0 - 30 Gold Coin Uncommon 53,70%
Leather Legs Uncommon 46,88%
Brown Bread Uncommon 10,50%
Mace Rare 32,85%
Club Ring Ultra Rare 3,53%
Studded Legs Very Rare 15,38%
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Sheikh
1701, Elder Druid
2- Potter
669, Elite Knight
3- Gilizera
665, Elder Druid
4- Cloud Mort
663, Elite Knight
5- Rights
663, Royal Paladin

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