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Anti-Entrosa War by Luke Skywalker
Anti-Entrosa War with a new completely revamped system, with several bug fixes and with great new features to enhance the PVP and have all WAR options.
This new system we have the frags count when any player dying of any guild, it will show the count, Ex.: 01x03, 4 battle options, and 3 are the new PVP options implemented, options that the leaders of the guilds will decide which so they will contest the battle.
1 - Traditional WAR
2 - Limited WAR
3 - WAR MaxLevel
4 - WAR whithout UE
5 - WAR only SD
6 - WAR DontSSAMight
7 - WAR SummonCreature

Understand the new command
The new Anti-Entrosa War have a new command that I will explain below.
/citywar invite, carlin, 80, 250, disabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, 20, EnemyGuild
/citywar invite, This part of the invite command is standard and can not be modified.
carlin, Here you choose one of the cities available in the system.
80, Important here you add the exact amount of WAR System frags.
250, MaxLevel if you want a maximum level limit to enter the system, if you do not want to use the disabled option.
disabled, In this part you will tell if the UE is enabled or disabled .
enabled, Here you will tell if the Runes is enabled or disabled.
enabled, Here you will tell if DontSSAMight is enabled or disabled.
disabled, Here you will tell if SummonCreature is enabled or disabled.
20, Here is how many players can enter each guild in WAR Anti-Entrosa.
EnemyGuild Here you add the name of the guild you want to invite to the battle.
Here's an example of how the message gets to the leader of the guild invited:
War Options: City carlin, frags to finish war 80, ultimate explosion disabled, area runes enabled, 20 Players each per guild.
Player the GuilDX guild invited your guild for a war in carlin, to accept type /citywar accept, GuilDX
/citywar accept, EnemyGuild This is the command that invited guild will use to accept the invitation.
/citywar go This is the command that all members must use in a PZ area to be teleported to the Anti-Entrosa city . This is different from the previous not need to put the name of the city.

Traditional WAR
Traditional WAR its name already says, is the normal WAR without any change, using all available spells and no extra rules. See an example of the command:
/citywar invite, carlin, 80, 250, enabled, enabled, enabled, disabled, 100, GuildContra

Limited WAR
Limited WAR, if a guild has 20 players and another 70, the limited WAR provides to the lower guild a security, offer a limit of players in Anti-Entrosa town, so the leader chooses how many players from each guild can join.
See an example of command allowing only 20 players from each guild:
/citywar invite, carlin, 80, 250, enabled, enabled, enabled, disabled, 20, GuildContra

WAR without UE
WAR without UE, this rule will prohibit the use of spells below:
exevo gran mas frigo
exevo gran mas flam
exevo gran mas tera
exevo gran mas vis
See an example of the command:
/citywar invite, carlin, 80, 250, disabled, enabled, enabled, disabled, 100, EnemyGuild

WAR only SD
WAR only SD, this rule will prohibit the use of the following runes and spells:
great fireball
stone shower
exevo vis hur
exevo tera hur
exevo frigo hur
exevo flam hur
See an example of the command:
/citywar invite, carlin, 80, 250, disabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, 100, EnemyGuild

Maps available.
ThaisLiberty Bay

Map for Open Battle.

Additional information.
The command can only run by guild that has 10 or more players added, 6 or more different IPs, 10 or more online players, the leader you need to be level 150 or higher to run the command, every city has a maximum of two hours to close the event, each invite has a maximum of two minutes to be accepted, to enter the Anti-Entrosa city the player can not use the logout option, the amount of frags before the finish two hours everyone will be teleported to their due temples and no battle.

Cancel Mode
If there is a waiver of any guild, the battle started in the town X can be canceled before completing the two hours or before finalizing the frags added.
How canceling work?
After a guild give up the battle and get 10 minutes inactive outside the Anti-Entrosa city will be canceled.
If the two guilds give up the battle and remain inactive out of the Anti-Entrosa town for 5 minutes will be canceled. After canceling any two guilds and the city are available for new battles.
Or execute command:
This command only works if executed within the Anti-Entrosa City: /citywar cancel
In 10 minutes the event will be canceled, a message appears counting down.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1 . Omnia Vincit Level: (543)
2 . Ruan Dez Level: (539)
3 . Babaeletodin Level: (523)
4 . Psycho Haze Level: (517)
5 . Money Man Level: (516)