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Character Information
Name:Betao Boladao
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
House:Ethno 08 (Ethno) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Last login:21 September 2017, 10:12 am
Comment:Tem que mandar papo reto, não adianta papo torto, ando memo é gingando e bebendo uísque pra ficar bem louco.

17:21 You advanced from Level 399 to Level 400.
Account Status:Premium Account

Other Infos
Quests: 38%
Tasks: 03%

20 Sep 2017, 18:09 Killed at level 483 by Hezbollah, Tiddox, Sio Bloker Talibam, Coup, Carlaotmj, Chyrl Burn, Kojack Indahouse, Fire In Envy and by Ceneen Viu..
15 Sep 2017, 08:38 Killed at level 480 by Royal Druidx, Gordao Fighting, Amazing Tankzor, Ze Neto, Bryaanzor, Zinho Ekzaao, Marroquino, Zinho Exterminador, Rei Didio Fighting, Amazing Hawkz and by grim reaper..
14 Sep 2017, 11:31 Died at level 481 by grim reaper..
14 Sep 2017, 08:46 Died at level 482 by grim reaper..
12 Sep 2017, 12:17 Killed at level 481 by Skann, Markin Char Love, Redzinhoo, Edinhoo Marley, Conecting, Nw Deeh, Looney Tunes, Marconha, Pro Absolut, Skan, Piscodeitou, Cacife, Matheo, Dry Ice Hax, Salva Baga, Tomo No Cu and by Betao Boladao..

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