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Character Information
Name:Kabullozin Crazy
Profession:Elder Druid
Residence:Port Hope
Marital status:single
Last login:14 October 2019, 3:55 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 11%
Tasks: 00%

13 Sep 2019, 20:33 Killed at level 503 by Olympc, Zederva, Druid Paramax, Chakkauzin, In Prox, Imortal Murdakz and by Niwran.
13 Sep 2019, 19:27 Killed at level 503 by Druid Paramax, Zederva, Imortal Murdakz, In Prox and by Olympc.
13 Sep 2019, 00:48 Killed at level 499 by Narack Ye Qiu, Remin, Zederva, Fullpowerabuse and by Kaic Verycrazy.
12 Sep 2019, 22:54 Died at level 500 by dawnfire asura, a destroyer, a frost flower asura and by midnight asura.
12 Sep 2019, 22:10 Killed at level 501 by Fullpowerabuse, Zederva, Deus Macabra, Chakkauzin, Tomate Menstruado, Itz Paramax, Diabo Feio, Shoottergun, Sakode, a destroyer, a midnight asura and by dawnfire asura.
3 Sep 2019, 11:38 Died at level 491 by hellspawn, a frost flower asura, a destroyer, a midnight asura and by dawnfire asura.
26 Aug 2019, 23:32 Killed at level 481 by Druid Ownador, We Leader, Charlie Detona, Velho Pub, Xexeu Papaxana, Aregwyrou, Afther Moacy, Mooacy, Anna Collins, Trupyzupy and by Goleador Nato.
26 Aug 2019, 23:22 Killed at level 482 by Anna Collins, Sir Elektro, We Commander, Emici Papo Reto, Gaaa, Velho Pub, Cowboy Crazy, Invictu, We Fael, Afther Moacy, Gash Sane, Kendriquin, Arkymeds, Candlestick, Mago The Vis, Xexeu Papaxana, Bigboss Production, Druid Ownador, Afther Fndoo, Thaliban Mythh, Trevor Belmonte, Erickzera Reload, Wojciechowski and by Maceio Rullez.
26 Aug 2019, 23:06 Killed at level 482 by Mago The Vis, We Commander, Sir Elektro, We Leader, We Fael, Afther Moacy, Aregwyrou, Gaaa, Gash Sane, Druid Ownador, Kendriquin, Emici Papo Reto, Winter Shadow, Bigboss Production, Caiozerah Paramax, Trevor Belmonte, Thaliban Mythh, Anna Collins, Arkymeds, Velho Pub, Warkerus, Lendario Broly and by Kabullozin Crazy.
24 Aug 2019, 13:16 Died at level 476 by dawnfire asura and by frost flower asura.

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664, Royal Paladin

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